Hi, I’m Kyonntra,

So who’s on this photographer?

I’m just a solo traveler from Fukuoka Japan who has been adventuring around the world.  I’m still traveling the world and sharing the exact way that I do it as Author and Photographer.  I used to write a blog as a study abroad student.  I was a blogger in 2006 to 2008.  My career is Airline staff till 2016 at the International Airport.

Study abroad again, then I would be an Author and Photographer in 2016

I came to realize after left my job.  I became a student again in Taiwan.  After I had finished my University for almost one year, I realized that I would like to be a Author and Photographer.

Contract with  gettyimages®︎ (2017)

I even did’t know what that company which is gettyimages in 2017.  I made a contract as stock photo artist with iStock by gettyimages.

What else about kyonntra

Author / Writer(Travel, Food, )

gettyimages|iStock Ambassadors2017 (100k view)

iStock Exclusive Photographer in 2018

iStock video, illustration

You can read more on my partner page.




ライターとしてskyticket.jp の観光ガイド記事、 「たびらい」の観光コラムを連載にて執筆。

ストックフォトアーティストとしてiStock by gettyimagesと契約。

gettyimages|iStock Ambassadorsとしても活動し、3ヶ月で十万アクセスを獲得。

翌年2018にはgettyimages とiStock Exclusive Photographerとして専属契約を開始。

Do you have any questions?  Free feel to contact me  here.

Want more?  Check out the work with me for the epic advice.

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